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Our mission is to provide the ultimate and most valuable information to EXPATS moving to,working and living in


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Sofia Janeiro

Founder and Host

Sofia Janeiro worked for years in the environmental field. She holds degrees in Life Sciences, Environmental Planning and Climate Change. But she was tired of her life.

One day she was offered a weekend in the West Coast, Algarve, and her life changed. In one year she moved to the beautiful town of Aljezur and started a new career.

She then encountered a vibrant comunity of expats and started teaching portuguese. Because she was a local many students and people she knew asked for her help in relocating and burocratic matters. Yes, Portugal is a VERY BUROCRATIC country!

The ocean brought her energy and peace and the new career fulfilment despite she is still passionate about environment. So did the many wonderful people from all over the world that she meet along the way.

Seeing that many people relyed on facebook groups and on scattered blogs that were not delivering acurate information, she then invited a group of experts in several areas to come on board to Portugal Living creating the ultimate and most complete service for EXPATS about every topic that matters.

Our Causes

Start  your cultural integration  TODAY

As Portugal is a paradise for EXPATS it can be a nightmare for economic immigrants - as every country, actually. Near our beautifull west coast there is a huge community of people from south Asia that where brought here to work in the green houses in terrible labor and living conditions. This people has no resources, skills and information to fight back or reclaim anything to improve their lives.

Our way of supporting the immingrant community living Natural Park of Costa Vicentina e Litoral Alentejano is offering them free portuguese classes in order to empower them. 

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